MassTEC Technology Education/Engineering Resources

Internet Based Classroom Activities

4th and 5th grade games
Inclined plane game
Simple Machines (click on the Simple Machine button)
Trebuchet Challenge
Gear Challenge

PBS Nova Wright Brothers Flying Machine flash activity centered around Lift Drag and Thrust, see how fast a airplane has to go to create lift and airfoil shapes and there drag/lift ratio

University of Colorado online lab (DC circuit simulator)

Building Big- Bridges Domes Skyscrapers Dams Tunnels, Interactive Labs, General Information and Teacher Resources

City of Materials web site

Identify the subsystems in the transportation devices

Nuts Bolts and Thingamajigs Foundations Video's
First Robotics Competition Safety Video
How Steel is Made Video
How Products are Formed out of Metal

Jason Science See if you can help a city build a sustainable future now!

NASA Space Station Space Walk Game

General Motors Education Page (click on the tabs K-4th, 5th-8th, 9-12th for online activities)
Mr Stephens engine shop
Retro Techno (old type technology game) Http://

NASA Climate Kids games etc.

A Water Rocket Simulator for Fun & Science Studies This program can help students and rocketeers understand the physics of water rockets and how to optimize their water rocket launches to obtain the highest apogees.

Curriculum Videos accessible on the Internet

The National Science Foundation Science of Speed, - Drag and Drafting, Car Safety, Friction and Heat, Grip, Sound, Tire & Pressure, Power, Balance, Momentum & Time

A video centered around the LEXUS RX factory, curriculum connections - Vehicle subsystems and Mass Production

Web sites with Lessons (searchable lessons/lesson banks below)

Navy Stem for the Classroom, lessons centered around
Robotics and Future Technology
Sonar and Echolocation
Submarines and Aircraft Carriers: The Science of Nuclear Power
GPS and Navigation
Oceanography and Metrology
The Science of Diving
Jets in Flight
Future Fleet

From the EGFI and ASEE Touchdown: The Lunar Lander Challenge In this lesson, students assume the role of NASA aerospace engineers, using the engineering design process to learn steps for designing, creating, and improving equipment.

Tufts University Bridge Library, including a power point presentation and classroom activities

Intelicus Aerodynamic Activities, Numerous lesson centered around aerodynamics

Teachers Domain Biotechnology resources and a lesson

Scott Karpuk Middle School Frameworks You Tube Movie Link, the link on the lessons page

KidWind- Wind Energy Curriculum

A world in Motion Elementary, Middle and High School curriculum page

General Motors Education Page Lesson Plans

Nanotechnology Curriculum NNIN Education Portal

Nano Ed Resource Portal- Courses and Units centered around Nano Technology (how about Nano Materials, a unit on this topic is there)

Engineering Education Service Center (EESC)
Engineering Curriculum Contest 2009 Winning curriculum

Alliance to Save Energy Lesson Plans

EIA Energy for Kids Teacher curriculum page / all grades

Mr. C's CO2 Racing Resources

The K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook

Cornell University Main Street Science

Museum of Science Archived Design Challenges
has practice MCAS question books

Educators National Science Standards and Lesson Bank

Try Engineering (the lesson plan page)
Try Engineering Robot Arm Lesson

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Applied Sciences-Engineering- lessons

Curriculum Online

Materials World Modules- Free modules centered around the topic of Materials

CEE Children's Engineering Educators, LLC

Museum of Science Engineering the Future

Engineering is Elementary EiE: Engineering & Technology Lessons for Children!

    Goodheart-Willcox online book activities web site

    PTC Academy/ FREE Pro/ENGINEER wildfire 4.0 license.

    Building With Wonderful Junk Science Plus Sample Activity.pdf

    Design Squad Teacher Guides

    Fetch With Ruff Ruffman Activities Guides

    Greenovation light and energy curriculum
    Correlated to individual state standards and aligned with the Balance LC™ classroom lighting system, our exclusive Greenovation light and energy curriculum gives teachers the power to practice what they teach.

NASA Curriculum

NASA Classroom Activities Page

Rockets Educator Guide
Grades: K-12

Space Faring: The Radiation Challenge Unit
Grades: 6-12

NASA on the moon Educators Guide (grades 3-12)

NASA Robotics Website
NASA Robotics Education Bookmark

eGFI Suspension Bridge Lesson

Web sites with Searchable Curriculum or Numerous Lessons

ITEA Mission Green Technology, activities and other green resources

Siemens Stem Academy (click on the resources tab to search for lessons etc.)

Learning Institute for Technology Education
About 70 Elementary Technology Briefs


Searchable Curriculum/Lessons and Activities

ASME- 10 Lessons Highlighting Great Achievements in Mechanical Engineering

Edheads lesson plans (Simple Machine Lessons)

National Energy Education Development Project Curriculum Guides and Program Resources

Jason Curriculum

Teachers Domain Teachers' Domain is a extensive library of free digital media resources produced by public television, designed for classroom use and professional development.

Classroom Research Resources

NASA Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics

Sloan Career Cornerstone Center is an ever-expanding resource for anyone interested in exploring career opportunities

Curriculum Resources

Plans for the scale model of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

Ohio University Engineering Profession Summary's, a description of many Engineering Careers

Peter Manoogian's (from Winthrop Middle School) Power Point presentation of MCAS questions

ITEA's Bright Ideas

National Science Digital Library

Technology Education Archive

Technology Student Association

Project Lead the Way

Massachusetts Center for Career and Technical Education

World of Motion

National Science Teachers Association
(Craftsman Competition and Toshiba Grants)

Technically Speaking, Why All Americans Need to Know More About Technology

Jason Science

Plans for a Water Bottle Launcher from Ask This Old House,,20263020,00.html

Technology Education for Children Council (TECC)

General Links

Discover E Engineering

NASA 'Eyes on the Earth'

Fitchburg State University

Museum of Science Boston

Museum of Science Boston Educators page

Museum of Science Teacher Partner Program

National Center for Technological Literacy

Alternative Energy Education

Space Day Challenges

Web Based Tech Ed Teacher Modules

Toy Challenge Contest

TIES Magazine

Tech Directions

Boston Society of Architects

Kathy Schrock’s Guide

Scotty’s Technology Education Page

Ontario Ministry of Education (10-12)

Northern University Middle and High School

Technology Education Labs

Jim Thorpe High School

College of New Jersey

MSaT at Ohio State

University of British Columbia
Books in Technology Studies Education

WomanTech World

Technizzel Technizzel is an online publication designed to inspire young people to pursue careers in engineering and advanced technologies

Inventors/ Inventions

"Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents: Invention Guide for Kids"

Thomas Edison .org

Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents (an explanation of the difference between them)

SMS Marketing Inventors Through the Years

The Ultimate Resource of Famous Inventors

Television, Radio and More - The History of Great Inventions!

Animated Engines

Inventive Thinking Curriculum Project

Technology in America

Build It Yourself

Built in America

Edison Historical Site

History of Invention

History Channel

How Stuff Works

How Everyday Things Are Made

How Things Work

Rube Goldberg Gallery

Scientific American Frontiers

Invention Dimension

What Makes an Inventor Successful

Inventor Net

Inventors and Inventions Theme Page

Exploring Leonardo

National Inventors Hall of Fame

1998 Tall Tower Challenge

Wacky Patent of the Month

The World of Benjamin Franklin

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Grant Information

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Current Themes
Characteristics of Excellent Teaching
Characteristics of Deep Learning
Applications reviewed monthly except July and December


Intel Community Grants The quarterly submission deadlines are February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1

Association of American Educators Grants Application deadlines are October 1 and March 1. Average amount: $500

Frances R. Dewing Foundation gives grants only to programs that deal directly with early childhood education. The average grant amount is $15,000. April 1 and October 1 are the annual deadlines

Air Force Association Educator, Grants Grants
cannot exceed $250 per request. Deadlines are March 31
for the spring cycle and September 30 for the fall cycle.

Boston Foundation for Architecture

The Massachusetts Department of Education
Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs

ING Unsung Heroes The deadline for submission
is April 30, 2012.

Best Buy’s te@ch program

Toyota Tapestry Grants

Lowes Toolbox for Education

NEA due
dates- February1, June1, October 15

Verizon Foundation- Application window January 1st
to October 31 continually

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Captain Planet Foundation Grants applications are May 31, September 30, and January 15

Nancy Knows Grants - a clearing house of grant resources

Scholarship Information

Koles Cares Scollarship Program, Nominate a young volunteer, age 6-18, Top winners each receive $10,000 for higher education,

NASA Postdoctoral Program NPP

MassNetComms Technical Scholarship Program

Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs Annual Scholarships, Available
January 31, 2010, April 1, 2010, June 2010

SMART Science, Mathematics and Research for Transportation
Scholarship, annual program December 15th

Online Professional Development

Leading Hands-On Engineering Activities
with NASA and DESIGN SQUADAn online workshop for
educators and after school leaders

Online College Search


Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, September 13, 2012 through March 5, 2013

VEX BEST partnership

MassTEC's Build a better Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge Scale Model contest.

InvenTeams, due April 5, 2012

The 5th Annual Ralph Salvucci Online Bridge
Contest (the Massachusetts sub contest of the
West Point Bridge Design Contest
The West Point Bridge Design USMA Page

The College of Engineering at Boston University
fourteenth annual Design Competition for high school

Future City Contest

Christopher Columbus Awards
Due February 8th 2010

Team America Rocketry Challenge Due 11/30/2011

Sally Ride Toy Challenge

The Vodafone Americas Foundation™ designed the Wireless Innovation Project™ as a competition to promote innovation and increase implementation of wireless related technology for a better world. Submissions due February 10th 2010

Explorivision, ExploraVision is a science competition that encourages K-12 students of all interest, skill and ability levels to create and explore a vision of future technology by combining their imaginations with the tools of science. Due February 10th 2010,

Real World Design Challenge
Deadline November 18th 2011

Teacher Resources

NASA Educators online network
ASA has designed this community to help you connect, communicate
and collaborate with others and to provide you a more effective way to
build working relationships.

PBS Design Squad Web Site

Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Resource Center

The Used Energy-Related Laboratory Equipment (ERLE)
Grant Program

NASA's Ares Project Links
Ares on Facebook:
Ares TV on YouTube:
Ares on TeacherTube:

General Motors Education Page

The Library of Congress, Teachers Page
The Library of Congress Main Page

NASA Office of Education

NASA International Space Station _pages/station/main/index.html

NASA Blast Back to School Educational Resources

Educator Resource Center at the Lyman Library Educator
Resource Center (ERC) for individual or small-group professional
development work. Overlooking the Charles River, the
ERC is a bright, open space located in the Lyman Library at the
Museum of Science, Level 3.

Blossoms free Video repository

Energy Information Administration Official Energy Statistics
from the U.S. Government

National Center for Technological Literacy located
at the Museum of Science Boston

NAEP Technological Literacy Framework

ITEEA Connect Zone

Click for a link to Dr. Ray McCarthy's Power Point
from the ITEEA 2010 Conference: Beyond Smash & Crash,
Part 2

Dr Ray McCarthy's PPT on The Universal Problem
Solving Model -- GIPOF

Article on Attracting Women to STEM

ITEEA Preparing the Next Generation for What Lies Ahead
Power point presentation and STEM Literacy = 21st Century

Communications Links

Graphic Comm Central

Communication Arts

Photo shop How to Information and Tutorials INVESTINTECH

Photo shop Tips

Video Technology


Beyond Cable: The History of Television a website with careers in energy information

A sightseer's guide to Engineering

Explore City of Materials
where kids have fun with stuff

PBS Design Squad

ITEA Engineering and Technology Resources form Public Television PBS Peep, Curious George, Fetch, Cyberchase, Design Squad

National Institute for Woman in Trades, Technology and Science

Design and Discovery

(middle school pre-engineering)

American Society for Engineering Education K12 Center

National Academy of Engineering

Discover Engineering

Engineering Girl

ZOOM into Engineering

Bill Hammack's
Engineering & Life

Engineering Your Future

National Engineers Week

Manufacturing Is Cool

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Engineering in Mass Collaborative

Massachusetts Engineering Center

National Society of Professional Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Civil Engineering K-12

Women in Engineering

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)

United States Patent and Trademark Office

American Society of Mechanical Engineers/ ASME

Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority

Plans for a scale model of the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

Industry Organizations

STEMPower, STEM career information for Central Mass.

Boston Tooling & Machining Association

Science and Technology/ Engineering MDESE Links

The Commissioner of Education posts a newsletter each friday. If you would like to be added to the email distribution send an email to with the following information in the body of the email: subscribe ESEUpdate Your Name. (Example: subscribe ESEUpdate John Smith)

The Board of Education Technology/Engineering Advisory Council

Suggested Key Elements for Technology/Engineering Lab Facilities for Middle and High Schools

Advisory Councils to the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and
Secondary Education 2009-2010 Annual Reports September 2010,
click here to download the report

David P. Driscoll, Commissioner of Education Clarifying
Technology/Engineering Education

MDESE Science and Technology/Engineering Test and Development web page

Click here to download the Science and Technology/Engineering Framework

Release of Spring 2011 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2010 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2009 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2008 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2007 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2006 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2005 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2004 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2003 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2002 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2001 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 2000 MCAS Test Items

Release of Spring 1999 MCAS Test Items

Release of May 1998 MCAS Test Items

MCAS Question Search Tool

MDESE Authorized Bilingual Dictionaries for Use on MCAS
Word version:
PDF version:

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Lincesure (MTEL) Program Web Site

Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure Practice Tests

Making High School Technology/Engineering Courses"Count" By
Jake Foster, Massachusetts D.O.E, click for a link to the power point presentation

Dr Jake Foster Paper, The Development of Technology/
Engineering Concepts in Massachusetts Academic Standards
presented at a National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
7-8-2009, Click here to download the paper

Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Engineering (OMSTE) Review of the Science and
Technology/Engineering Framework, 2009-2011 Web Page

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Admissions Standards Guide including information regarding-
Technology/engineering courses must be taken for science credit and meet district guidelines for science courses.
A course is equivalent to one full school year of study.

Free Items (stuff)

Makerbot, apply for a free 3D printer

Easy Ways to Obtain NASA Educational Materials Flier

NASA Lithographs

NASA Images

NASA: Your Future and Ours Poster – All Grades:
Several members of NASA’s family have shared their stories on
this poster. Read about Al Condes, Pedro Rodríguez,
José Matienzo, Jaqueline Cortez, Alma Stephanie Tapia,
Monsi Cerezo Román, Ellen Ochoa, Michael López-Alegria
and Franklin Chang Díaz. Then insert your pictures and your own
story onto the poster.
English Version:

Spanish Version:

NASA iPad Magazine "Space Place Prime"  Free download at

Free Lab Safety Workshops for Massachusetts Teachers and

PTC Creo For Schools Free CAD Software Information
Link to down load software

Proge Soft CAD Software

Free Autodesk® software

DraftSight: Free CAD software

Google SketchUp
Google Sketch Up Information

Building Homes of Your Home Software is an interactive
teaching tool for the middle and high school classrooms. (register to request free items)

Free Online Newsletter Subscription from AAAS/Project 2061

American Council of Engineering Companies Free Engineering Brochure

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